Living History 

A cultural and historical landmark, easily accessible by rail, river and road from Bangkok, Ayutthaya founded in the 14th century, was Siam’s capital for 400 years and grew to be one of the world’s largest municipalities. So a study centre dedicated to delineating the history…

Exciting Abu Dhabi Air Expo 

The Abu Dhabi Air Expo is a magnet for all interested in aviation and aircraft, including owners and prospective buyers, pilots, professionals and enthusiasts. Participants from all over the region of the Middle East attend this event, which displays a comprehensive array of attractions including…


Wildlife in Sri Lanka 

Boasting one of the world’s highest rates of biological endemism, Sri Lanka is home to a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and mollusks. Over 440 bird species have been recorded in the country, whilst there are over 3210 species of flowering plants….


Ancol Dreamland 

Jakarta is Indonesia’s capital and is possibly the best tourist destination in the country. It features amazing attractions and it is also the ideal tourist hub to be based in to explore the rest of the nation. From modern to historical its sights are a…