Thrills in the Park 

On 13th December 1912 the now famous Mr. Moon, opened his great mouth and thousands of people rushed into Luna Park which is the city’s second theme park. One hundred years later it is still as popular as ever. Thrill rides, rides for kids, family…


The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery 

Some sights in this world immediately strike you with their awe-inspiring grandeur that captures the imagination and makes you pause and enjoy the magnificence of human creativity. The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong is one such sight. While this well known…


Waterbom Water Park 

Adventure and excitement knows no limit at the Waterbom Bali which is found in the heart of Kuta, Bali. Whether with family or friends, the park is sure to entice you go that extra bit more with an assortment of thrilling escapades to choose from….


Chengdu Zoo 

Within the suburbs of Chengdu, you will discover the intriguing surrounds of the Chengdu Zoo, which is billed as the fourth-largest animal enclave in the country, after the zoos in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. It occupies a lush spot in the city, surrounded by gardens,…


Attractions in Bandar Lampung 

Located amidst the hills which overlook the scenic Lampung Bay, the attractive city of Bandar Lampung is the biggest city as well as the capital of Lampung, the southernmost province of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. It is also a noteworthy visitor destination, offering cultural…

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Safari World 

Thailand instantly brings to mind white sandy beaches, elephants, golden temples, parties and endless shopping. But there is definitely more to this country than just that and amongst the wide array of attractions is the Safari World, said to be the land’s greatest open zoo…


Singapore Philatelic Museum 

Feast your eyes on a range of stamps that add value to the postal history of Singapore by entering the ever popular Singapore Philatelic Museum found down 23-B, Coleman Street. For all you stamp collectors the museum is definitely the place to be for it…


An Eagle Eye View 

Ballooning in Sri Lanka is now a popular trend that is perfect for tourists who want to see the island from above. There are several locations that you can choose from; you can opt to see the jungles in Sri Lanka, the cultural triangle or…