Sri Lanka Air Force Museum 

The island of Sri Lanka is not only blessed with an abundance of natural treasures to cherish but its defence forces too have a celebrated history. The air force played a key role in defeating terrorism in the island and was engaged in various activities…

Family Travel Tips

Batticaloa Lagoon 

Batticaloa, known fondly by the locals as simply ‘Batti’ refers to a coastal town that sits on the narrow strip of land in Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province. It has the Indian Ocean to the east and the mighty Batticaloa Lagoon weaving in and around it….

Family Travel Tips

Corals in Hikkaduwa 

Sri Lanka, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, is a small island located below its giant neighbour, India. Travelling towards the country’s south, you will arrive at Hikkaduwa. Beach Hotel properties, bars and eateries line the beachfront making this the ideal location…