Splash Jungle Water Park 

Phuket Island, housing the most popular beaches of Thailand is the ultimate island getaway; it is all about the summer beach fun, the rousing water sports and idle sunbathing. The Splash Jungle Water Park adds the silly, exciting, adventurous fun with your family and your…


Explore More About Lesotho 

The paradise of Lesotho is situated completely surrounded by its only neighbouring country, South Africa. This small nation’s chief attraction Sani Pass lies near the border of the Drankesburg Mountains. However, if you are on a journey to explore Lesotho, the African fun “adventure land”,…

turks and caicos islands
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Grand Turk Island 

Located in the Turks & Caicos Islands, the Grand Turk Island is a picture-perfect destination. Also known as the Grand Cay, this island was initially colonised by the Bermudians, where the salt industry became the main source of income for the people living in the…