Splash Jungle Water Park 

Phuket Island, housing the most popular beaches of Thailand is the ultimate island getaway; it is all about the summer beach fun, the rousing water sports and idle sunbathing. The Splash Jungle Water Park adds the silly, exciting, adventurous fun with your family and your…

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Sirinat National Park 

Phuket, in Thailand’s south, is the very definition of a gorgeous tropical island. The beaches, of course, take the spotlight, but there’s more to Phuket than just the beaches. The island is also home to a wondrous collection of lush forests, and one of these…

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Things to do in Phuket 

Pack up your bags, for Phuket’s going to be your next destination. You’ve probably heard it before and you are going to hear it again, Phuket is a haven. Teeming with natural attractions of thick rainforests, scenic mountains and sun-kissed beaches, Phuket is the place…

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Best Things to Do in Phuket 

Phuket has long since been a much coveted holiday destination from travelers from all over the world. The exotic nature of the island, its traditions and culture, the vibrant lifestyles, stunning scenery, friendly people and the easy, laid back atmosphere have all contributed to this….