True that Seychelles is a beautiful destination to travel to at least once in your lifetime, but if it is a child-friendly vacation you are considering, there are many more reasons why Seychelles is the best. It is safe and the people are extremely friendly, and this makes this island a great destination to travel with kids.

Let kids enjoy Praslin at its best
Praslin is an island on which you can have the best family moments ever. Kids will just love to soak up the sun on the beaches and enjoy an ocean swim. As there are multiple accommodation providers nearby such as Berjaya Praslin Resort you really have nothing to worry about staying in the area.

Visit the Natural History Museum with kids
If you want your kids to have a connection with nature on your trip, the Natural History Museum is the place to take them to as they can get a great education about local flora and fauna from this place.

Experience the Morne Seychellois National park
This national park is visible all across the island and if your kids love hiking, they can find multiple hiking trails in this green space.

Walk along the Botanical Gardens
Every Seychelles resort recommends a visit to the Botanical Gardens if someone asks for a great place to spend some good family with the kids. This is because kids generally love the giant tortoises and fruit bats here. The gardens are always clean and tidy whenever you visit it.