Nehru Zoological Park – a foretaste of Indian wildlife in their natural habitat

Nehru Zoological Park – a foretaste of…

South Asia’s most teeming nation is a veritable fusion of attractive places, lush landscapes and an ancient culture steeped in history and rituals. Architectural masterpieces of historic dynasties dot various states. India’s rich heritage together with its flourishing bio diversity showcases the beauty of the country. The city of Hyderabad offe…
Discover Karnataka’s Lakelands along the Captivating Kerala Backwaters

Discover Karnataka’s Lakelands along t…

Often called the Asian equivalent of the American Bayou, the Kerala backwaters are an expansive network of intricate waterways that include five lakes, forty rivers and a host of canals that span half the length of its home state. Stretching across over 900km the labyrinth of lakes, rivers, inlets and creeks form a truly magnificent eco system and …
Blue Reef Aquarium Newcastle- a world of wonders

Blue Reef Aquarium Newcastle- a world of…

Positioned just a short drive away from the beautiful Whitley Bay, the impressive Blue Reef Aquarium is ideally located in the North East coastal city of Tynemouth. It is a great place to discover how life goes on under the ocean. The Blue Reef Aquarium is a modern aquarium showcasing marine life in a new and exciting way. It has been designed and …
Festivals in Maldives – Merriment in Male

Festivals in Maldives – Merriment in M…

  No one would think that the decorative specs on the Indian Ocean would on close scrutiny turn out to be such resplendent islands full of tourist attractions. However, that is precisely what the Maldives is like. It has over twenty six tiny atolls or islands, which are governed separately but are a cohesive part of Maldives. Most of the festi…
Medical Tourism – Dental Care & Dentists in Bohput

Medical Tourism – Dental Care …

The Thai island of Koh Samui might have garnered a reputation for its idyllic beaches and pristine oceans, but it is also gaining popularity for another feature that is quite unique; medical tourism! Offering reasonably priced and international standard medical care, Koh Samui and such coastal areas as Bohput are also known for their high standards…
Family Travel to Philippines

Family Travel to Philippines…

The multicultural nation of Philippines presents an ideal destination for a family holiday. The suitable areas for families visiting the country include Boracay Island, Central Visayas and the National Capital Region Cebu. You may visit the most popular beach in Boracay, known as the White Beach which is famed for its spectacular sunsets and pristi…

Visit to a Turtle Farm in Koggala – Saving Turtles, One Hatchling at a Time

Quiet watchmen as it were to the changing of time, having swum in the world’s oceans from the age of the dinosaurs; turtles are part of an intricate web that forms the delicate underwater ecosystem that is so vital for survival not only for marine life forms but us humans as well. Sadly these stoic creatures who have witnessed the passing of the seasons of both Mother Nature and humankind are fast disappearing from the waters that they call home. But their passing away we will herald the end of us as well. Thankfully efforts are being made across the world to help save turtles and give them a fighting chance in an ever-changing world.

One such initiative can be found in the island of Sri Lanka in the quaint coastal town of Koggala, where you will come across a turtle farm & hatchery. It is a site that offers you a chance to see conservation in action and you can reach this coastal locale by Cinnamon Air which features transport to the area by way of an air taxi. Sri Lanka is visited by five of the world’s seven turtle species who come to the island’s shores to nest; Olive Ridley Turtle, Green Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle and the Leatherback Turtle. Mother turtles traverse great distances to come and nest their precious “cargo”, before returning to sea.

The Koggala Turtle Farm & Hatchery seeks to protect these eggs from both animal predators and human encroachment and poaching. Eggs are taken from the nest and placed in a protected hatchery within the safe confines of the site. When they hatch, the baby turtles are kept until the suitable time for them to be released. On a trip here you have a chance to see baby turtles in tanks which is a kind of transit home before they are released under watchful and loving eyes. Look to contact them ahead and plan a visit when the baby turtles are being released. It is an unforgettable opportunity to see these creatures take their first tentative steps to the ocean and to a brave new world that awaits.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers. Google+

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