A dream family vacation to Bangkok calls for an exceptional stay, and the city’s Here’s a guide to living the high life in Bangkok.

Create an Activity-filled Itinerary

Bangkok is a myriad of contrasting phenomena, and each corner offers something new. Tailor your itinerary to include a mix of experiences, from exploring the historic Grand Palace and the serene temples of Wat Arun to indulging in the excitement of markets and delicious street food.

Engage in Cultural Immersion

Immerse your family in the rich Thai culture by attending traditional performances, such as classical dance or Muay Thai boxing. Consider joining a Thai cooking class together, fostering not only a love for the local cuisine but also creating lasting memories through shared culinary experiences.

Image via Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort

Choose a Family-Friendly Accommodation

Your place of stay is very important when planning a trip because it could make or break the fun for the young ones. Bangkok offers a range of family-friendly hotels and resorts, ensuring a comfortable stay for everyone. These Bangkok resorts, including properties such as Anantara Riverside Bangkok Resort, have a wide variety of family activities for you to pursue.

Discover Nature and Wildlife

Escape the urban hustle by visiting places like Lumpini Park, where your family can enjoy picnics, paddleboat rides, and even spot monitor lizards. For a unique wildlife encounter, venture to the nearby Elephant Nature Park for a day of interaction and learning about these majestic creatures.