Awash in mystery and legend are the Kanniya Hot Springs, which bubble forth with both mystical healing properties and rejuvenating grace that make it a unique site to visit as part of a Trincomalee tour. The most ideal way to travel from one city to another is via a quality air taxi Sri Lanka offers as part of its vacation itinerary. Cinnamon Air in particular offers a fine fleet of Sri Lanka sea planes for a memorable travel experience on the island.

The Kanniya Hot Springs in Trinco are swathed in legend and draw many visitors to the “seven wonders” as they are locally known. According to popular myths of the region, King Ravana struck his sword into the earth, gouging it several times, which led to the bleeding forth of these seven hot springs. The waters of the springs are believed to have curative properties that can heal a variety of skin diseases, as well as appeasing the symptoms of arthritics and rheumatoid arthritis. Illuminating the multi-cultural trend of the area, other narratives declare that the hot springs used to form part of an ancient Buddhist monastery, the ruins of which are scattered nearby after being decimated during the country’s civil conflict. No matter what you choose to believe about the springs’ origins, its hot water resonates with all those who immerse themselves in those soothing springs.