Abu Dhabi is rich in culture and history. The country’s cultural development has never been restricted by the lack of natural resources .The existence of a glorious cultural past has been found through plenty of archeological evidence. Apart from the tall sky scrappers and the breathtaking shopping malls, Abu Dhabi, as you would be quick to learn is an oasis of history and culture.

Abu Dhabi is the largest from the seven emirates and a well-planned city that encompasses modern high rising architectural wonders and impressively designed mosques along with venues of cultural significance. The Al Hosn Palace is the oldest building in the country, and dates back to the 1800s.Abu Dhabi’s first fish market near the port and the Dhow market offer a great sense of its ancient culture and heritage. What’s more, it’s a great place to view the city’s skyline and maybe indulge in some authentic Abu Dhabi cuisine while you watch the Dhow makers at work, carving a ship into shape, re-creating a scene from the good old days.

You cannot stop marveling at the traditional art and crafts that have been passed down from generations , such as the carpet making community that has for generations weaved beautiful carpets , sold all over the world. Today this emirate has a Mosaic of cultural heritage that boasts of Poetry, folk stories and dances, beautiful handicrafts and traditional sports. Enormous efforts are made by the government to protect this rich culture. As a result the country hosts many cultural events and other programs throughout the year.
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