A charming archipelago featuring over 40 islets, Ang Thong National Marine Park is located in Southern Thailand’s Central Gulf Coast. Whilst most of its islands are located close to each other, they are of various shapes and sizes. A boat trip around this enchanting archipelago is the most popular activity in Ko Samui.

The beauty of this attraction consists of white sandy beaches, sheer limestone cliffs, dense vegetations and hidden lagoons. Most of the islands are infested with lush tropical greenery, and named to suit their distinctive geography, with descriptive appellations such as ‘Three Pillars Island’ and ‘Sleeping Cow Island’.

Including nearly 50 square metres of limestone islands as well as karsts topography emerging from the ocean as striking rock formations and bizarre rock cliffs, Ang Thong simply translates to the name “golden bowl”. While it is always fascinating to go snorkelling among the shallow coral gardens, its pristine beaches, hidden lagoons and caves are ideal to be explored.

Highly admired for its exceptional natural beauty, the park is a preserved natural area. Except for the island Ko Paluay, all the other islands of the park are inhabited. Sea-gypsies earning their living through fishing occupy this island.

Its woods are categorized as beach forests which are a type of lighter woods located along the beaches, dry evergreen forests which are in bigger islands such as Paluay and limestone forests found on mountains of limestone.

Among the bird species in these islands are Common Sandpipers, Brahminy Kites, Drongoes, Oriental Pied Hornbills, Hill Mynas and Little Herons. Various reptiles including Green turtles, ground lizards, iguanas, phytons, cobras and Hawksbill turtles can also be found here.

Since these miniature islands mostly consist of steep limestone mountains, larger animals cannot be found here. However a range of mammals such as hogs, langurs, haired bats, whales and dolphin inhabit here.

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