Aspire Park is a huge visitor draw in Doha, as it boasts more than 888,000 square metres of emerald grass, a welcome respite from the harsh golden sands of the Arabian Desert close by.  To fully enjoy everything that Doha’s largest park has to offer, check into a luxury Doha hotel that provides you with a welcome dose of Arabian hospitality, which can be found at the Millennium Hotel Doha. Boasting stunning interiors and 5 star services, this superb hotel in Doha is the perfect place to enjoy the wonders of the desert. Savour one of the most relaxing havens available in Doha and visit Aspire Park, which is the perfect spot for a picnic with family and friends on a lazy weekend afternoon.  Or stroll along the well-manicured lawns and admire the intricate fountains that add a measure of grace to the landscape. Aspire Park is also home to a variety of interesting flora, some of which are rare. Children will also not be bored, as there are numerous playgrounds with ample room for the little ones to expend some of that excess energy. The park boasts the only lake in Qatar and it is the ideal place to soak in some cool breezes of this tranquil natural wonderland. And in case you get a little nippy, a coffee shop located onsite will provide you with the perfect respite in the form of delectable bites and refreshing beverages. The park transforms into a beautiful sight at night, when the cityscape glimmers and the elegant spire of Aspire Tower is alight.

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