Sepang is one of the most famous districts in all of Malaysia. Situated in the southern part of the country, Sepang used to be a small town that existed in a state of obscurity. In recent times, however, the small town rapidly evolved into a sprawling metropolis containing some of not only Malaysia’s, but the world’s, most iconic locales. A visit to Sepang is definitely bound to not leave you with a scarcity of places to visit.

An ideal place to start off your Sepang adventure would be taking a visit to the Extreme Park located at AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort, one of many a hotel in Sepang. The park offers a bounty of thrilling activities. If you’d like to indulge in some combat sports, the park offers archery as well as an extensive paintball course. Should you prefer something a little more automotive, you can choose between hitting the go-kart circuit or embarking on an off-road adventure in an all terrain vehicle.

Sepang is also the home of Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s equivalent of Silicon Valley. It is a massive township of sorts and contains the presence of more than two hundred and fifty multinational companies. Cyberjaya has its own selection of parks as well as a thriving nightlife with many bars and restaurants for the town’s inhabitants to indulge in. Visiting this incredible science-park is bound to be an experience to remember.

The hallmark of Sepang is still the legendary Sepang International Circuit. The iconic racetrack was designed by circuit-extraordinaire Hermann Tilke, mastermind behind circuits located all over the world from Abu Dhabi to the United States. The Sepang International Circuit has been the stage of many iconic motoring events such as the Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix and the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix. Should you visit the circuit, there are many attractions for you to indulge in, ranging from learning about the circuit’s history to even racing a go-kart in a separate circuit located on site.

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