Regarded as one of the smallest national parks in Sarawak, Bako National Park is a much loved attraction amongst locals and tourist alike. Its charming allure of thriving nature complements the tranquil settings of the park, creating the perfect spot for nature lovers.

Perhaps most renowned for its abundant natural splendours, the features of the park are nothing short of the ordinary. Offering visitors panoramic views of the resplendent land, strolling around the pathways will be a fascinating experience as one can fleetingly glance through its jungle streams, plethora of plant life, diverse wildlife and secluded beaches. Offering guests an unforgettable experience, the park gives its visitors a glimpse into its beauty as you saunter across the trails.

Created by million years of erosion, the sandstone landscape of the park is truly intriguing, showcasing precipitous cliffs and rocky headlands. A perilous coastline of great stretches of sandy bays; it remains one of the few places in the world that has stunning range of natural beauty, all bundled in the premise of such a small area.

A threshold where a travellers can step into a realm of exotic beauty, there are many cascading waterfalls around the area. The stream of pristine waters flowing down the meandering curves is a feast for the eyes, especially amidst the backdrop of the lush rainforest of Borneo. Introducing guests to the impressive greenery of its exceptional rainforest, tourist cannot help but feel a sense of amazement at its sheer attractions.

Covered by a blanket of an emerald green canopy of verdant trees and thriving plant life, the long winding trekking trails will invite guests on a tour around the park, where they can vividly capture the incredible variety of vegetation in the area. Having almost every type of plant species found in Borneo, it is quite possibly one of the park’s greatest attractions. A spectacular sight, the park has a total of seven different eco-systems including Mangrove Forest, Beach Vegetation, Heath Forest, Cliff vegetation, Dipterocarp Forest, Peat Swamp Forest and Grasslands Vegetation. The network of trails, well maintained for jungle treks are easy to navigate, allowing guests to take in the unique environment in all its glory.

Perfect for a jungle stroll, travellers are also able to witness its diverse wildlife, roaming around in their natural habitats. Having been a protected land since the late 1950’s, the animals seen in the park are less wary of humans, making it possible for guests capture many photographs of the unsuspecting creatures. Best visited before dusk, travellers are able to see the animals whilst on their trails. Most active during this time of day, nature lovers can slowly creep closer to the animals to get a closer look, hear the distinct sounds it makes and watch its movements.

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