Considered a popular beach destination in Adelaide and South Australia, Glenelg is brimming with seaside fun and frolic. While Glenelg Beach itself is a hive of activity, there are other exciting activities you should not miss.

Glenelg Beach House

Glenelg’s Beach House is an amusement park perfect for all ages. It features heated waterslides, a carousel, dodgem cars, arcade games, and mini-golf. If you’ve chosen accommodation in Glenelg, the Beach House is only minutes away.

Glenelg Jetty/Pier

The formerly 200m-long pier is an idyllic landmark, perfect for relaxing strolls, breathtaking sunsets, delightful picnics and family outings. Many hotels, including Oaks Glenelg Plaza Pier Suites, are located a stone’s throw away from the pier.

Dolphin watching/swimming

Swimming with dolphins is one of the top things to do in Glenelg. A catamaran will take you just after sunrise to an area in the ocean perfect for swimming with or being around dolphins. Alternatively, you can book a dolphin-watching cruise.

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Water sports

Walk or drive just north of Glenelg to West Beach to indulge in some thrilling water sports. Explore Glenelg’s coastline or the exotic islands within the local marine sanctuary by a jet ski, kayak or stand-up paddleboard.


Fishing is popular in Glenelg, with half-day charters departing from West Beach. Alternatively, you can indulge in some line fishing at Glenelg’s jetty at high tide to catch some squid, herring, mullet, or blue-swimmer crabs.