Among Singapore’s many wonders, the Bedok Reservoir and its surrounding park happens to be one of the most tranquil attractions. With a combination of both adventure and relaxation activities, the park makes its way into the agendas of many. For locals it is a popular spot for daily exercises like jogging and cycling, for tourists it serves as yet another attraction; that brings out the exquisite natural beauty of Singapore.

The Bedok Reservoir is a mighty water body in itself. Located on the Eastern part of Singapore, the Bedok Reservoir spans across a surface area of 880,000 square metres. On average the reservoir has a depth of 9 metres, but there are areas where the reservoir plunges down to a little more than 18 metres. The reservoir and its surrounding park are well known for the sporting events that are held here. Several joggathons take place at the site as it boasts a fantastic jogging track. In just the same manner, the exotic reservoir has hosted a series of water sport competitions, the most popular being the international wakeboard completion held in the year 2004.

Adding a sense of adventure, this site has its unique and lively spirit accentuated by the many canoes and dragon boats that dot the waters. You can spot a number of enthusiastic fishing hobbyists trying their luck on the fishing deck. Wherever you turn there is so much to see and so much to do in this site. In addition to this endless adventure, the park is a haven for the nature lover. There is a fantastic viewing gallery which affords some breathtaking views of the reservoir and the surrounding area that boasts over ten thousand different varieties of plants. While basking in the ambience of this site one can also enjoy bird watching, another favourite activity one can indulge in here.

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