From a quiet backwater to hosting one of Asia’s premier Jazz festivals, Hua Hin a favorite resort of Thai royalty since the 1920s is a quiet space to get away from the din of Bangkok. The festival itself took shape in the 1950s starting with the current King of Thailand’s love of Jazz and its promotion in Thailand as a result. Organized by the Hua Hin Hoteliers Club, the Festival has been successfully held for ten years putting the event firmly on Thailand’s entertainment calendar.

This year the event is expected to be held from the 10th to the 12th of June and will be the highlight of the summer season. Stages for the performances are expected to be set up on the beach and in Phonkingphet Park in the city centre. Acclaimed international European, South American, US and Asian jazz groups and several popular jazz groups from Thailand itself are expected to participate. The city gears itself up for the occasion and puts on a festive air and lays on many facilities for the use of festival goers. Jazz fans jam from around three in the afternoon till mid night to various jazz sub genres cooled by ocean breezes at beach venues of the festival. Crowds more than double the population of this normally quiet city during the festival.

Entrance is free for all performances and jazz enthusiasts jam from 3.30 in the evening till midnight. The beach location is very popular with its wonderful ambience, jazz lovers sitting and lying on the sand enjoying great jazz selections being played in the various sub genres in many distinctive styles. One hundred thousand people per night are expected to attend the festival this year, swelling the city’s population by more than half. The whole town gears up for the event to put on the best show possible with special arrangement being made to transport festival goers, streets near venues turned into pedestrian only streets and lined with food stalls filling the air with pungent oriental aromas. Restaurants and café’s offer special prices and hotels close to venues host special dinners and seating for guests. This is a perfect opportunity for Thai and expatriate jazz lovers to enjoy casual fun filled evenings in an idyllic setting. Hua Hin’s 5 km long beach front, its many historical and cultural attractions, variety of accommodation, entertainment and leisure options makes this an ideal location to host one of Asia’s premier musical events.

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