Brief Garden is a relatively hidden, magnificent garden open for the enjoyment of the public. Visitors, who reside in boutique hotels in Sri Lanka the likes of Saman Villas, need only venture a little inland to arrive at the Brief Garden.

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LabeetLunuganga, Bentota, Sri Lanka.CC BY-SA 3.0


You might wonder as to the odd name given to the gardens; this came about since young Bevis Bawa, who started work on a masterpiece in 1929, was inspired to name his work as such after the triumphant legal brief that won his father, the lands on which the gardens are sprawled out on.

Getting there

Getting to Brief Gardens is not as easy a task as it appears to be. Although the Gardens is located in Beruwala, which is only an hour away from Colombo, the actual Garden is located away from the main road. Public transport does not go too close to the premises, which means you will have to get down from Beruwala and take a private mode of transport.


This stretch of land, once a rubber estate, has been transformed into a beautifully landscaped garden including features such as alcoves, nooks, bowers and garden sculptures spread throughout the entire property. As they enter, visitors can witness sprouts of bamboo encasing the edges of the gate at the entrance to the garden.

Opening hours

Open daily from eight in the morning until five in the evening, visitors to the gardens are charged a small fee of around three hundred and fifty Sri Lankan rupees to enter its premises and explore all it has to offer, which include several thought-provoking sculptures of the male form.

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