Known alternatively as the “National Forest City”, “City of Hibiscus”, “The Brocade City” and “The Turtle City”, Chengdu is a rich array of cultural sights and spans and transcends all elements alluded to with its various monikers. Providing a seamless blend of urbanity and nature, it comes as no surprise that this verdant city sees around 100 parks decorating its landscape in wide swathes of emerald. Visitors will relish checking into a quality hotel in Chengdu such as the Millennium Chengdu. Featuring stylish interiors with luxury amenities, this quality Chengdu hotel promises to make any stay unforgettable. For a fun day out for the whole family, visit the Chengdu Ocean Park, that guarantees an amazing experience of interaction with some fascinating denizens of the deep blue sea. The kids will enjoy the playful antics of the dolphins performing amazing tricks and turns to the direction of their trainers. Walk through an enchanting glass tunnel with vibrant bands of fish and other marine life leisurely bobbing above you and around you, evoking the feel of hiking through an underwater forest. Come face to face with the massive figures of polar bears and marvel at the ocean animals exhibition. Guaranteeing an ocean of fun for the whole family, the Chengdu Ocean Park opens the floor for some memorable interactions with some unforgettable characters.

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