This Halloween, experience the spookiest, creepiest and nastiest day at the Daley Plaza Chicago which is transformed to your very own Frankoween Plaza in the Last week of October. During the popular season of Ghosts and Goblins, the city of Chicago becomes a true haunted Village.

Halloween is a festival traditionally celebrated on the 31st of October and originates from an ancient Celtic festival originally named Samhain which celebrated the end of the harvest season in the Gaelic culture. This was the time where the ancient pagans stocked supplies to prepare for the winter. The 31st of October was believed by Gaels to be the day where the boundaries between the living and the dead overlapped and they feared that the dead may invade their lives by destroying crops or causing illness. To scare the deceased, bonfires were lit up and people mimicked the evil spirits by adorning horrifying masks and costumes.

Today Halloween is a fun filled day for both adults and kids and has an array of traditional activities that include the typical bonfires, trick or treating, plenty of spooky costume parties, visiting ‘haunted houses’ and carving the traditional Jack- o- lanterns. North America in particular goes all out with the spooks in a big way and that too Chicago especially. The entire city, including buildings, parks and streets are consumed by traditional Halloween artefacts that give you chills even if you are simply taking a stroll. If you dare to visit frankoween you will know what creepy really means. With frightful story tellers, scary pumpkin decor and fun filled mask making sessions, creepy has a whole new meaning in the Chicagoween Franken Plaza.

The party is filled with dressed up adults and kids depicting their own favourite all time villains, now u can be part of this horror movie where you can experience plenty of thrilling activities including pyrotechnics and hayrides and enjoy the spooky circus acts. The whole District is packed with Halloween activities. Stay at a Chicago hotel downtown and visit the many different pumpkin patches on display, the creepy haunted houses and enjoy shrill screams at the scary theatres found in the area. The Peninsula Chicago is a perfect place to shrug off the spooks for a good night sleep. It is one of the best Chicago luxury hotels and boasts the finest in excellence and style.