The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, one of the world’s renowned zoos was the second zoo to be created in the United States of America, having been opened to the public in 1875. It is unique due to the fact that it was constructed on land located in the middle of the city. Since then however the zoo has obtained extra land in adjoining suburban areas. The zoo is famed for its breeding programmes, particularly conservation programmes for important endangered species such as white Bengal tigers, black rhinoceros, cheetahs and lowland gorillas.

In the present day the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is an attractive thriving wildlife preserve, hosting a wide variety of fauna and flora from around the world. It is recognized for its pioneering work in the preservation of endangered species as much as for the pleasure it provides for the visitor. Although the Cincinnati Zoo is not vast by today’s standards, and will not tire or overwhelm the visitor, it provides a great variety of wildlife to be seen and experienced.

The newest sections of the zoo may be considered to be the most striking, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the wonders of nature. The zoo’s magnificent jungle trails have gained recognition for their authenticity, recreating a genuine rain forest environment with tropical plants and trees. The exhibits here include orangutans, bonobos and lemurs.

The indoor features are truly world class, and include the Manatee Springs, Wings of the World, Nocturnal House and Insect World, each designed with great attention to detail to create a truly realistic representation of each environment. The designers have strived to construct settings that are equally delightful for the animals and the beholder.

The zoo’s major exhibits include gorillas, red pandas, gibbons, white lions and a monkey house. One of its proudest features is a Sumatran rhino and calf, the first such birth in more than a century.

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