Hidden just outside of the reach of metropolitan Colombo is a wild-life wonderland with a host of creatures that are found throughout the island, along with some from various parts of the globe. Such is the case of the Dehiwela-Zoo, a real hit when it comes to tour-packages regarding Sri Lanka Holidays by renowned providers such as Jetwing Travels.
The first incarnation of the Colombo Zoo was in the late 1920s, when it was known as the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka. It was an initiative spearheaded by an Englishman by the name of John Hagenbeck. Following the conclusion of the second world war, the government acquired ownership of the zoo. The zoo rapidly expanded from only have indigenous species in 1969, to boasting a repertoire of 158 mammals, 256 bird species and various reptile and bird species respectively in 1973

Presently the Zoo has been extensively developed to feature a wide range of stunning exhibits and live-shows. In addition to interacting with and learning about countless animal species, visitors can witness shows involving Sea-Lions, or ride an Elephant should they choose.

Most of the one hundred plus mammal species live in recreations of their natural habitat. The mammal species in the zoo include, the Sri Lankan Leopard, Pigmy Hippopotamus, and Sri Lankan Sloth Bears.

There is even a Reptillium where one can witness a variety of exotic reptiles such as the Albino Cobra and the Estaurine Crocodile. Should you find this intimidating, the Zoo also features a Butterfly garden with over twenty different species of Butterfly. The aquariam of the zoo is also renowned.

In addition to these various exhibits the zoo features a popular circus performance featuring up to six Elephants. So take a visit to the zoo and indulge in an experience that will mesmerise people of all ages.

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