India is a huge land that has a wide number of attractions to entertain and educate all the visitors who come to the country. The vast land space that the country possesses is one of the reasons that this location guarantees a diverse set of attractions to its guests. If one travels from the northern part of the country to the southern part, the things that they would be able to see in one location would be totally different from the other. Even the temperature and the climate of these cities would be different and would give visitors the option to choose whatever climate they prefer. Being a destination that is home to a wide number of ethnic and religious groups, the cultural experience that one would experience while travelling in this amazing country would be mesmerising.
Located towards the southern part is the city of Bangalore, most famous as the hub for India’s information technology sector. Modern development trends rapidly take over every inch of the country, and this city is one of the cities that faced this development process on a higher scale. This was previously known as the Pensioner’s Paradise and the Garden City of India because of the beauty that it held within its limits. But now, most of the things that the visitors can see are technologically advanced buildings and construction that touch the soft white clouds that float over this giant Asian country.

The Cubbon Park is one place in Bangalore that has still preserved the city’s title as Pensioner’s Paradise. Initially known as Sri Chamarajendra Park, the size of it then was 100 acres. Now while the other parts of the city are being covered with buildings, this park has also grown to a considerably huge size: 300 acres. This is home to an abundant of flora and fauna plantations that spreads smoothly and beautifully throughout the area. While taking a stroll through shady paths of the park and enjoying the lush greenery that would catch your eye, you would come across strikingly and appealingly located statues and buildings. Among these manmade creations in the park, you would definitely see some worthwhile and informative creations such as the museum, lotus pond, bamboo grove nook and Ringwood circle.
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