Renowned the world over as a beach holiday Mecca for the masses Sri Lanka is a cultural heartland that is waiting to be discovered by discerning travellers. Occupying a strategic position in the Indian Ocean this breathtaking island nation has been greatly influenced by its rich Buddhist history and heritage with influences of invasions by the Portuguese, Dutch and English colonialists also reverberating through Sri Lankan culture. A melting pot of Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Malay and Burgher communities this multicultural holiday hub also lays claim to a documented history that dates back nearly 2000 years.

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Architectural elements in Sri Lanka are also heavily influenced by Buddhism as showcased by the glorious ruins visible in the country’s Cultural Triangle cities of Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa. Brass work, sculpture and paintings in the form of murals and frescoes also display Buddhist themes and epics. Exquisite examples of such work are visible in the Dambulla Temple, the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sigiriya (Lion Rock) and the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy which is the sacred home of the country’s most treasured cultural possession.

Tea and Batik culture in the country however are remnants of the country’s colonial era as both tea production and Batik dying techniques were introduced to the country by the British and the Portuguese respectively. Sri Lankan cuisine is also an integral part of its culture as the unique and authentic culinary school is regarded as one of the most underrated cuisines in the world. With rice and curry serving as its staple the Indian influenced cuisine uses coconut milk and a variety of spices to bring out the exotic flavour of its dishes.

The Sinhalese and Tamil New Year in April is the country’s focal cultural festival while the Vesak Festival in May celebrates Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and the attainment of Nirvana in a grand celebration complete with pandols, Vesak lanterns and elaborate parades.

Chandrishan Williams is a travel writer who writes under the pen name, Caleb Falcon. He specializes in writing content based on the many exciting world adventures that await intrepid travellers.