Whether you are on business or leisure, Dalian has many accommodation options available. Somerset Harbour Court Dalian is one of the top luxury serviced apartments Dalian has in store for its visitors who are looking for comfortable accommodation. You can book your serviced apartment Dalian prior to your arrival to enjoy a hassle free tour in the city. One of the attractions you can easily reach from your centrally located apartment is Dalian Forest Zoo. Spanning across 7.2 square km, this amazing zoo has a wide range of species. There are several sections in the park exclusively reserved for herbivorous animals, lions and tigers, chimpanzees and baboons, bears, elephants, pandas, squirrels, monkeys and flamingos. Dalian forest Zoo is based on the theme of “Green and Life”. To get a panoramic view of the entire forest zoo, travellers need to climb the West Hill.

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