The Ocean is one of the most captivating arenas in this world. Its endlessness, mystery and domain of an array of exquisite species have made it fascinating for anyone; young or old. Some ocean lovers have the skill and the courage to dive in and experience this parallel world in person. They say that is the closest one can get to the ocean. But that is not in entirely true. Because in Dalian, the Xinhai park brings the Ocean to you! Boasting the longest underground sea channel in the whole of Asia this your best chance to experience an authentic ocean setting while staying dry on land.
The Dalian Shengy Ocean World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Its connection with the sea brings to you a whole new world in a rare and unique fashion. The underground sea tunnel is a moving passage way which enables tourists to literally touch the exotic fishes that gracefully pass by. The main arena in itself boasts over 300 species of fish which amount to a total of 10,000 in number. Similar to an authentic Ocean. And that is not all to get the ultimate sea like setting there are coral reefs in abundance and tons of floating sea grass. The Shengy Ocean World has a thrilling edge to it. For within the glass tunnels, ferocious fish swim past that range from mighty sharks to chilling manta rays. What is even better is that you can also enjoy watching divers feed and interact with sharks; quite that spine chilling moment! The Ocean World is a combination of excitement and relaxation, the many colorful school of fish is quite a joyous site to see. Rest assured the children are simply going to love it here.
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