Spanning 58,000 square kilometres covering coal mining towns, the coast and mountain ranges, the Isaac Region in Central Queensland, Australia, is a must-visit. Its unspoilt landscape offering a range of experiences is worthy of exploration.

Historical journeys

Begin your discovery at Clermont, revered as a historic town in Northern Australia. If your chosen accommodation is in Middlemount, the likes of Oaks Middlemount Suites, the city is only 90 minutes away. Visit Clermont’s Historical Centre to learn about the history of this former frontier town. Other nearby places of interest include Copperfield, Theresa Creek Dam, and Hood’s Lagoon.

Thrilling peaks

Head to Peak Range National Park, located an hour away from many Middlemount service apartments. The park boasts spectacular sights across its 4 volcanic peaks: Wolfang Peak, Eastern Peak, Lord’s Table Mountain, and Gemini Mountains.

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Coastal fun

Clairview, the region’s Dugong sanctuary, is an ideal beachside escape offering fishing and crabbing. The serene blue waters and caravan park make it the perfect spot for beach camping.

Beautiful parks

Discover the Isaac Region’s untamed beauty at Cape Palmerston National Park. The park, spread over 7200 hectares, features swamps, rocky headlands, rainforest, endangered wildlife, and plant species. Popular activities include camping, canoeing, and hiking.

Fishing expeditions

Isaac Region is renowned for its vast fishing opportunities. The wetlands and freshwater fish habitats of St. Lawrence and the stretch between St. Lawrence and Ilbilbie turn up some fantastic catch, including barramundi, mud crabs, and whiting.