Tucked away along the coast of Bali, Uluwatu provides a tropical getaway in which to have plenty of fun in the sun, sand and surf and soak up some local culture too. If you are in search of Bali luxury villas from which to explore this enchanting region then consider Alila Villas Uluwatu. Set amidst breathtaking ocean vistas, these Bali boutique villas feature stylish living spaces and a range of modern comforts too.

When it comes to the top 5 attractions in Uluwatu, pride of place goes to Pura Luhur Uluwatu or the Uluwatu Temple which enjoys a stunning cliff top location. This famous temple offers a fascinating insight into the rich cultural heritage of the island and the religious traditions and beliefs of the locals. Near the temple one will find another well known attraction; the Kecak and Fire Dance which is an entertaining and enriching cultural performance. The beaches in Uluwatu can be collectively taken as another attraction in the region where one can not only enjoy lazy days on the beach, but some surfing too. New Kuta Golf where one can have a fun round of golf on the green and the Garuda Vishnu Kencara Cultural Park are among the other sites of interest one can visit when in Uluwatu.


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