Doha is an ancient Arabian city that has so much to offer travellers, from historic monuments and ageless traditions practiced for centuries to contemporary fine arts. Although the country’s rich history takes the larger focus, there are several establishments such as the Doha Aquarium and the several parks scattered throughout the city of Doha that have come to demand equal attention.

The Doha Aquarium is a great place to view a wide variety of fish, anemones and other marine life from around the world and the gulf region, ranging from fierce sharks to gorgeous ornamental fish. There are several rare species that can be viewed at the aquarium, along with endangered ones. Young visitors will be especially delighted to spend a few hours discovering and marvelling at all the strange and wonderful sea life that the aquarium is home to.

The aquarium also houses exhibits that relate to the pearl industry the country is famous for. There are 6 traditional Dhows that float outside the aquarium on the lagoon that borders the premises. There are also 12 large tanks donated by the Aquatic Biological Consultancy Service of England that are specifically designed to house Gulf Marine life. So when visitors tire of all that sightseeing , walking and exploring , they can head over to spend a day with the corals , anemones and sea creatures that surround the gulf region. After all, they are part of the amazing heritage of this country as well.

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