Heading to Desaru with your kids on a family vacation is always a great idea. It’s not just because of the kids friendly Desaru Beach. But for so many other good reasons.

First things first- the hotel

Choose a good hotel the likes of Anantara Desaru Coast Residences for your family stay. If you plan to spend an extended holiday, you may also opt for a Johor property for sale where your whole family can stay leisurely and happily.

Image via Anantara Desaru Coast Residences

Say yes to adventures – Adventure Waterpark

No matter how under-aged your kid is, there’s a ride at this waterpark for him/her! The Kraken Water Roller Coaster, the Surf Wall, the Swinging Ship, and Kids Ahoy are some of the best-rated experiences here. You can spend one full day at the Adventure Waterpark without any issues.

A pleasant experience – Desaru Fruit Farm

Spend another day with fruits and vegetables at Desaru Fruit Farm. In addition to learning about veggies, kids also get the chance to feed the goats.

A new exposure – Desaru Crocodile Farm

This is where the kids get to explore more than 1000 crocodiles in one place. Some crocodiles here age over 100 years. Surprising, isn’t it?