With a sun kissed beach and a vibrant nightlife Hua Hin is the ideal destination for a coastal vacation.Hua Hin became a glamorous beach getaway when in 1922 King Rama the 7th constructed a Palace in this small fishing village. Located in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula Hua Hin is approximately 200 km s away from the Thai capital, Bangkok. Blessed with tropical weather this holiday destination has still successfully avoided the bustle associated with other beach resort destinations. While in this enchanting city you will not only find a bewitching beach but also a host of other blessings of nature including amazing mountains and cascading waterfalls.

A must do while on visit to Hua Hin is riding an elephant. In the olden days the main mode of transportation in Thailand has been the elephant. You can find a fascinating elephant camp located just 3km s from Hua Hin. The elephant you ride will have a wooden seat attached with tight ropes to its back and you would be sitting there. The trainer or the guide will be sitting in front of you on the elephant and will be guiding it along. You can spend a day of admiring these gentle giants by feeding them bananas and watching them take a bath in the river. The elephants are capable of expertly travelling in diverse treks including dense jungles, and hills of mud and earth. All you have to make sure is to hold on to your seat and enjoy the splendid scenery unfolding around you.

Being a coastal destination Hua Hin has an endless supply of succulent sea food. You can easily grab a meal of fresh sea food dishes in the many restaurants and cafes scattered across the city. Some hotels offer sea food buffets including sea food BBQ along with traditional Thai dance and music. However, you can also find international cuisine such as Indian, Japanese and Western among the array of restaurants.

Hua Hin hotels range from budget, mid range to luxury accommodation. Among the Hua Hin luxury hotels you will find excellent service and a warm exotic ambiance. Anantara Hua Hin, Thailand will remind you of an ancient Thai village and is one of the most romantic and luxurious getaways of the country.