Botanical gardens in various parts of the world contribute to the cultivation and conservation of various plant species. Thus, it boasts of immense scientific utility. However, botanical gardens also serve to create, often in urban areas, green spaces that contribute to breaking the monotony of concrete buildings and creating peaceful havens within cities. Therefore, while some botanical gardens will have walkways and wide open spaces for public enjoyment, others will also arrange for various exhibitions and educational displays, as well as specially designed tours for visitors.

Those visiting the capital of Indonesia will have the privilege of visiting a number of gardens in the city. Those who pay a visit to a Jakarta city hotel such as the likes of Alila Jakarta, for instance, will be privy to a birds-eye view of the Monas Garden, a mere 15-minute walk from the building. Monas Garden is possibly one of the more famous parks given that it hosts the National Monument. Other gardens whose greenery provides a welcome break from the continuous chains of buildings include the Bogor Gardens.

The Bogor Botanical Gardens span over 80 hectares while another section of 28 hectares or so are located within the Presidential Palace compound. Understandably, the Bogor Gardens play an immense role in conservation efforts while it is also well-known in the region for hosting over 10, 000 types of trees.

The Bogor Gardens are operated by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences and hosts beautiful ponds, such as the Gunting Pond which displays a stunning array of Victoria Amazonica Water Lilies. The layout of the Gardens encourages leisurely strolls and picnics, while cycling is not discouraged. If exploring the Gardens on foot is your plan, ensure that you wear mosquito repellent and a hat and bring plenty of water. However, the Gardens are also home to the Grand Garden Café ideal for a well-deserved break.

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