Melbourne is the capital of the southern coastal state of Victoria and one of the most visited tour destinations in Australia. Here are some tips about properly exploring the city during your stay.

Take the tram

Melbourne is home to a tram network that encircles the city and it is an ideal way to explore and enjoy the beauty of the modern metropolis. What is special about these trams? They are completely free!

Take some time to watch and appreciate the street performances

The streets of Melbourne are also a stage where new talents in music, dance and art are showcased. You can see a higher concentration of performers in front of the General post office and witnessing their performances will certainly be an experience worth your while.

Discover the graffiti lanes

Graffiti lanes are another unique thing that you can explore in Melbourne. Graffiti is one of the most misunderstood forms of art that is regarded as an act of vandalism in many other countries but, here in Australia, it is appreciated a wonderful form of art. You can see them in places such as Croft Alley in Chinatown and Caledonian Lane off Little Bourke Street and Hosier lane.

Melbourne City by : Fernando de Sousa, Melbourne laneway with graffitiCC BY 2.5

Food hunting

Like many other popular cities, Melbourne too is home to a plethora of restaurants and street food joints that serve some of the most decadent food items. Hotels near Etihad Stadium the likes of Oaks On Market are some of the places you can find good food in Melbourne.



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