South Australia is simply a land of hidden gems. Once you know what these places are, you can help it, but exploring them with full of passion.

Umpherston Sinkhole
This attraction is located on Mount Gambier, and you won’t even imagine the beauty of it until you see it for real. With hanging vines and flowers, the Umpherston Sinkhole makes great views.

Lake Bumbunga
Depending on which season you visit Lake Bumbunga, its colour can vary. The lake originally takes a baby pink colour, but changes from blue to purple when different seasons come and go.

Port Willunga Beach Caves
While enjoying accommodation in Adelaide CBD at a property such as Oaks Adelaide Horizons Suites, you can always head to Glenelg Beach. Head to Port Willunga Beach too to experience a different vibe although it’s a little away.

Whispering Wall
Although this wall produces an acoustic sound system today to entertain the visitors, this was originally the wall of the Barossa Reservoir in the early 1900s. Whisper something, and let your friend standing on the other side of the wall hear this clearly with an echoing effect.