Ferrari World Abu Dhabi aims to replicate the glamour, mystique and excitement associated with the Ferrari racing and road going cars so as to provide an unforgettable experience. A unique theme park which has the distinction of being the world’s largest indoor amusement park, the park aims to provide an experience that is as thrilling and sensational as the experience of driving one of the Italian marque’s cars.

The park aims to project the performance, passion and technological innovation that have characterized Ferrari’s history and which it will undoubtedly carry forward into the future. Ferrari World also aims to provide the visitor with an understanding of the core values, fundamental attributes and rich heritage of the Italian automaker.

Several groundbreaking rides and attractions will be on offer, foremost among them the Formula Rossa rollercoaster, the fastest rollercoaster on the planet. Reaching a speed in excess of 240 km/h and generating a force of 1.7 Gs, Formula Rossa provides a genuine reproduction of the mesmerizing sensation of piloting a Ferrari Formula 1 car. The ride takes passengers 52 metres into the air, weaves its way through chicanes and flies through the finishing line.

Bell’Italia is another unique attraction, taking the visitor deep into the delightful atmosphere and environment of Ferrari’s proud home, Italy. A variety of significant buildings and constructions such as Rome’s Colosseum, the Monza racetrack in Milan and naturally the hometown of Ferrari, Maranello are present in ultra-realistic detail. The delightful climate of the Amalfi Coast and scenic Portofino are here, waiting to be discovered.

Other features include a G-force simulator which takes riders 62m into the air; replicas of state-of-the-art racing simulators similar to the ones used by the Ferrari Formula 1 team; and a simulated journey through the mighty Ferrari 599 engine. Italian-style as well as international dining is on offer, and the visitor is provided with a selection of souvenirs from which to choose if a memento of the Ferrari experience is desired.

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