The historic Glasgow Green is a fascinating and unique park that tells the story of this beautiful city and its people through the annals of time. Early records of history recount that after Bishop Turnbull donated the green to the common people in 1450, the park which sits beside the banks of River Clyde served many purposes over the centuries – as a place to dry fishing nets and wash linen, as a gathering point for Jacobite troops in the 1700s and a public execution site until the early 19th century. Around 1820 efforts were made to improve the park with the land drained out and levelled and culverts put in place and today visitors can enjoy its transformation as a tranquil escape from the bustle of the city. Interestingly the park also was the birthplace of the iconic Glasgow Rangers Football Club.

The Glasgow Green holds many sights and attractions allowing visitors to spend an entire day exploring it. First among those is the People’s Palace, a fascinating museum which offers an insight into the history and people of Glasgow. The Winter Garden is a haven of beautiful and exotic plants which is also the location of the Doulton Fountain. The impressive Nelson Column which incidentally was the first monument erected in honour of Viscount Horatio Nelson, the McLenan Arch which serves as a grand gateway and the Collins Fountain which was built in 1881 and the serene Mc Phun’s Park are some of the park’s other attractions.

The Glasgow Green is also the location of some major local and international annual events and boasts a special Event Space built for this purpose. The Glasgow show, the World Pipe Band Championship, the Bonfire Night and Fireworks Display, the Great Glasgow Run and National Play Day are some of the events held here. It is a place to visit with the entire family for an interesting day of relaxation and education.

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