The Golden Temple of Dambulla is the largest, most revered and beautifully preserved rock temples in the whole of Sri Lanka. Within these caves is history of religious and cultural value of such magnitude that it is pronounced as one of the most sacred World Heritage Sites, attracting scored of devotees and observers alike. Located in Dambulla in the coastal paradise of an island, the Golden Temple has a history takes one back in time to1st century B.C, to an era that consisted of a nation with unwavering faith in religion and culture and with a fear for malevolence. Set in one of the most soothingly beautiful part of Sri Lanka, the temple is build at an elevation of 160m on granite rock comprising a total of 80 caves and is home to a 153 Buddha statues and statutes of other gods and goddesses. Alongside placed are statues of the three kings who played the key role in the fabrication of this rock temple.  A visit to the Golden Temple is a must for those within the vicinity for it will enlighten one about the rich culture and history Sri Lanka posses.
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