SEA Restaurant by Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas is not just an underwater restaurant. It is also the first underwater wine cellar in the world. Once you descend the stairs into the heart of the restaurant, you will be illuminated a beautiful otherworldly glow, and have fish swimming around and above you while you enjoy your meal. It indeed is an experience to butter your bread, while a manta ray is staring at you or enjoy a delicious mousse while a clown fish stares at your face. Some might find the whole sensation of being underwater rather unnerving at first, but the novelty of the experience will soon overcome any inhibitions that you would simply be awed at what you are doing.

The food at the restaurant is international cuisine so that it caters to any and all travellers. To be fair, though, food is an afterthought for many, as the darting fish becomes the main focus of the meal. It would be best if you can make your reservations for a meal during the day time, as the daylight provides a better view than the artificial lighting of the night. You might not be able to fully focus on your dinner, as you should be camera-ready to capture unexpected visitors who stop by your glass pane to say hello while you dine. One thing to remember though is that debris can accumulate on the glass quite fast. So whatever the pictures you wish to take, you would be better off taking as soon as you arrive as opposed to when you leave.

Whether you are looking for some amazing pictures or a unique dining experience, underwater restaurants in Maldives is one thing you must try to complete your Maldives experience.

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