One of the best ways a tourist can discover the wonders of a new city is to embark on walking tours. While tourists can opt for a guide to provide them with information during their walking tour, or even opt for an online guided tour such as those available online for some of the most famous tourist destinations, such a walk tour is bound to allow a traveller to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the city, and discover its hidden gems the way locals do. Therefore, when visiting the island of Hong Kong, opting for such a walking tour is bound to allow you to explore and discover the city in a unique manner. To do so, tourists can opt for an online guide, or a local guide such as the ‘Eat and Shop like a Local’ Guide curated by many reputed establishments such as the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong. Guides such as these provide ample information on where to find the best eateries, how to sample local food, and suggest the best locations for retail therapy.

The Heritage Trail in Wan Chai provides one of the best options for walking tours in the city. The Trail itself is actually composed of two separate segments, namely, the Architectural Heritage Trail and the Cultural Heritage Trail. Therefore, the Heritage Trail is ideal for tourists who want to find out where a particular Kowloon tourist attraction is located while also discovering other hidden gems of the city. One who follows the path of the Trail will be delighted to discover the Wan Chai Market, the Starstreet Precinct, the Pak Tai Temple, the Old Wan Chai Post Office, the Open Markets in Tai Yuen Street, Gresson Street and Cross Street as well as the Hung Shing Temple.

Thus, embarking on this walking tour entails the discovery over fifteen important attractions that provide a unique insight into the architecture, culture and heritage of Hong Kong.

Roland Lefevre is a travel writer who specializes in creating features on leisure as well as business travel destinations across the globe.