Lush Luxury, Epic Scenery and a new cosmopolitan city booming in the industry of tourism is the city of Abu Dhabi. Located in the East of the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates has become the most sought out country in the whole of the Middle East. With activities ranging from entertainment, heritage and enjoying sheer luxury, this country offers all of this with a touch of Arabian culture making it all the more interesting to experience.

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and boasts a number of palaces and museums that portrays much of the heritage of UAE, its history, royal family and so much more. If you are looking to dig deeper into the interesting culture of this city try the heritage village, a traditional oasis village that gives one a spectacular insight of the rich history of the country. Experience the lifestyle of an authentic Emirati by browsing through the traditional aspects of the desert life that includes a campfire with traditional coffee pots, the Al Falaj irrigation system and a goat’s hair tent, all displayed beautifully in the open museum available.

Further on you can also watch traditional craftsmen at work as they mold clay and sculpt metal while women sit not too far some spinning and some weaving. They are a friendly lot who are more than happy to give you more information on their skills and may even allow you to try out this art yourself. The glimpse of Arabian culture is definitely captivating, don’t miss out the little spice shop nearby to take home a delighting range of dried herbs, handmade soaps and plenty of other handmade condiments.

Abu Dhabi has only so much more to offer. With a range of attractions that include places like the Al Maqtaa Fort, the Zayed center, the beautifully architected Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque and their range of luxury Abu Dhabi Hotels, one can never have enough of tasting this amazing rich city. Experience the unmatched luxury of Abu Dhabi by indulging in their exquisite 5 star Desert Islands Resort by Anantara. Making the finest of Abu Dhabi Beach Hotels this is a venue that is sure to pamper you, tantalize you and give you an experience that definitely echoes class, style and so much more.