Tasmania is a vibrant island state part of the Australian commonwealth. It is home to some intriguing cultural landmarks, such as the Hobart Zoo, carefully nestled in the midst gorgeously maintained gardens and a fabulous view of the river Derwent. For discerning visitors seeking apartment accommodation Hobart offers possibilities for leisure and business travel at the Somerset on Salamanca Hobart. The elegantly appointed property features stylish and convenient accommodation in Hobart, close to many intriguing attractions. The Hobart Zoo, which was also known as the Beaumaris Zoo and was opened in 1895 at the private home of Mary Grant Roberts, a wealthy socialite of Hobart. Mrs. Roberts oversaw the zoo until her death in 1921, and it also created a breeding program of the once-endangered Tasmanian devil. As such, the zoo acquired acclaim for rehabilitating indigenous animal species and inspiring scientific interest in them. In addition, Hobart Zoo is now famed for being the location that housed the last living species of the Tasmania tiger, or “Thrylacine”, which died in captivity in 1936. Australia inaugurated the observance of National Endangered Species Day, which falls on 7 September, in order to honour the memory of the last officially recorded Tasmanian tiger. Hobart Zoo was closed in 1937 due to severe financial difficulties, but the Hobart City Council offers tours of the original zoo today, where visitors can take in the zoo of a bygone age and pay homage to the resting place of a now extinct indigenous animal species.