Hoi An is a picturesque city in Vietnam south of Da Nang, and is estimated to have a history around 2000 years. The Old Hoi An city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is visited by many tourists. When travelling in the Old city especially, you are required to be dressed in decent clothing as a respect to the Vietnam Culture. A traveller to the Old city will be able to get a closer look at the old assembly hall, theatre for art, music and dancing and the handicraft workshop.

The handicraft workshop is around 200 years of age and the traveller can witness live demonstrations on pottery, weaving and lantern making. The quick and skilled fingertips of the workers put up a marvellous display of their talents which prompts you to purchase the products made especially for you. At one part of the workshop you come across artisans making silk lanterns in vibrant colours and unique shapes. The lanterns displayed in different shades are an attention grabber. The embroidery skills are carried out in another section and the elegant designs embedded into materials are classy. A traveller also has the opportunity of getting a dress cloned. Which means the choice is given to the traveller to show a desired dress design and within a short period of time an identical dress will be designer made for you. And that’s not all, traditional dance performances are performed at specified times to entertain you furthermore.

Hoi An hotel sites are mostly situated in soothing surroundings and can vary up to different price ranges. Luxury hotels in Hoi An is nothing short of paradise and guests will be pampered in the comforts of home sprinkled with luxury. Reviving massage with a pedicure and a manicure in a candlelit perfumed room is a lady’s dream come true. You will be able to experience similar facilities and surroundings in most of the resorts in the Hoi An spa resort chain. Inspired by French, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese designs the Anantara Hoi An Resort, is situated in the banks of Thu Bon river.

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