A gentle breeze often creates piercing yet refreshing chills on these plains that are set in the shadows of Sri Lanka’s second and third highest mountains, Kirigalpotta and Totapola. 187 kilometers from the country’s capital, the plains are located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Travelling to the plains would not seem arduous once you decide to utilize the services provided by Malkey Rent A Car. The company has a solid presence in the Sri Lanka Car Rental industry. You can opt to be driven to Horton plains by a chauffeur or travel independently in a car of your choice. Horton Plains certainly beckons you to follow hidden paths and enjoy the abundance of flora and fauna.

The plains are blessed with patches of thick forest, rocky outcrops, daringly beautiful waterfalls and mysterious lakes. While journeying down paths that are frequently travelled, you will come across Baker’s Falls that is named after Samuel Baker, a famous explorer who travelled far into the woods. His disappearance is shrouded in mystery and will set the tone for an awe-inspiring journey to the World’s End.

The plains end in an undisputedly captivating manner. It would seem as though nature reveals different aspects of its beauty simultaneously at the World’s End. It plunges 880 meters, yet the view that it affords is frighteningly spectacular. Make sure that your visit to the World’s End is perfectly timed. Curtains of mist recede between 6 am and 10 am, to reveal a spectacle of nature.

A leisurely walk that covers the trails made for visitors would take around three hours. Be on the lookout for sambar deer, wild boar, toque macaques and many other animals. You will also experience the fleeting presence of endemic species of birds such as yellow-eared bulbuls, fantailed warblers, ashy-headed babblers and a host of other feathery beauties. Once you return to the entrance of the national Park with a bag full of memories, the Farr Inn would seem the ideal place to rest your tired feet. What can be more refreshing than a cup ofcoffee and a snack on the plains?

Thanuja Silva is a travel writer who writes under the pen name Auburn Silver. She has a passion for fashion and a deep interest in admiring new and exotic attractions around the world. Google+