For those heading over to the Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall in Doha, a trip to the exciting Jungle Zone Theme Park would go a long way in completing an unforgettable day out in the city. With its rides and games of skill, kids and adults are sure to be thrilled beyond their wildest dreams. From all the hotels in Doha, select Copthorne Hotel Doha considered by many as being amongst the best hotels Doha possesses.

Centred on the fascinating sights and sounds of the jungle, the park comes across as a breath of fresh in the city of Doha. Let the kids into the Lion’s Lair which features a go-cart arena which is quite simply an engaging experience even for those observing. Jump on the Mini Rodeo and go escape to the heart of the jungle while the Crazy Jump does justice to its very name for it provides the little ones the luxury of plummeting down at breakneck speed. The park also has the facilities to host your child’s birthday so make a date with the Jungle Zone Theme Park, an attraction that assures you and your kids a memorable experience.

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