Say hello to the beautiful honeycomb moray eels and the long-jawed squirrel fish, among other fascinating marine creatures as you dive into the crystal clear, calm waters of the Guraidhoo Kandu (channel) in Maldives. Kandus, or channels are a main attraction around South Male Atoll for divers seeking to explore the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world.

Guraidhoo Kandu, which consists of two main channels and a central reef, is the most popular site in Maldives due to its striking and picture-worthy aquatic life. The southern channel spreads around 300 metres and meets the abyssal drop at about 35 metres. Escape down to this spectacular dream world and behold the exotic marine life such as Jacks, Napoleon wrasse and beautiful grey reef sharks.

If you fancy coral reefs and huge schools, caves, big pelagic fish or wrecks, this atoll is where you belong. The atoll is separated by the Vaadhoo Kandu which indicates that Male, the capital of Maldives lies on the opposite side. Due to this, the area is highly influenced by economic and modern developments. It is advisable for divers to reserve room on the boats six months prior to arrival as these amazing sites tend to bring out the competitive spirit of the visitors.

The Cocoa Thila or pinnacle is an amazing spot to discover eagle rays or travellies swimming in groups or in isolation within a space of about 400 metres in length. Also, be thrilled to find refuge in the overhangs and caverns where you can leisurely explore this beautiful haven of underwater perfection. This can be additionally useful as the current in the spot can be very strong and it is advisable to plan your journey including rest-stops. However, watch out for gray reef sharks prevailing in the area. Having met these simple guidelines, be ready to enjoy one of the most colorful and blissful underwater experiences of all time.

The northeast monsoon (December to April) can be the best diving season at this atoll as it provides the best visibility and conditions. If you fancy an ecstatic adventure as such at a Maldives island resort, enjoy perfect hospitality at the spectacular Maldives bungalows. Be sure to dive at the best channels in Maldives by staying at Anantara Veli, Maldives, and enjoy close proximity to these fantastic dive spots.