Nestled amongst the verdant hills and the abundant greenery, the Kandy Lake gently ripples in the serene hill country breeze. Tours to Sri Lanka are never complete without a visit to this marvellous location and Sri Lankan Dreams offers attractive Sri Lanka tour packages that would take you to even the most unexplored corners of this little island haven. This grand and alluring lake has seen much over the centuries. Built in the year 1807 by   King Sri Vikrama Rajasinha next to the famous Temple of the Tooth Relic, the Kandy Lake has indeed played a key role in many legends and historical events that had taken place in the history of Sri Lanka. The island at the middle of the lake is perhaps the most alluring aspect of it all and it is said that this island was used as the King’s personal harem, to which he crossed on a barge. The Walakulu Wall built halfway around the lake enhances its enchanting beauty and an evening or an early morning walk around the lake is sure to send one’s senses singing in glee.