The village of Katara is a renowned cultural centre. It is located on the east coast of Doha. Hotels and resorts such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara among many others, provide accommodation and other facilities to the many travellers that gather to the city in order to experience its many wonders each year.

The village of Katara was opened to the public in October 2010. This was done in parallel with the “Doha Tribeca Film Festival” also known in short as the DTFF. The annual event has since then been held at Katara successfully. Interestingly, the ‘Katara’ was originally what Qatar was called during the eighteenth century.

A lot of the associations such as the Qatari Society for Engineers, Visual Art Centre, Qatar Fine Arts Society, Childhood Cultural Centre, Qatar Photographic Society and the Theatre Society and Qatar Music Academy, have their main offices located in Katara. The QMA has a gallery which holds a beautiful collection of art that is displayed to the public in the village of Katara. It is also important to notice while touring this village that the architecture and landscaping have been done in a very intentional manner so that it reminds people of the culture of Qatar.

The Doha Bay Crossing also recognised by the name of the ‘Sharq Crossing’, is meant to finish its construction by the year of 2021 wherein it will successfully connect the Hamad International Airport to the village of Katara. The Katara Plaza, also another recent development, features a large amount of designer and normal retail stores.

Katara offers many amenities such as an opera house, conference hall, cinema, beach, souq and an open-air amphitheater. In order to showcase the past of the nautical scene in the city, a museum was also opened to the public in the year 2015.

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