The city of Trang in Thailand is famous for its warm and vivacious lifestyle. Rapidly growing in the fields of education and economy as well as art and culture, the town offers a great deal of trekking and diving opportunities. However, one of the top attractions in the city is its marine life. The beaches with soft sand and translucent water reflecting the blue sky attract hoards of people to savour its delights. The bountiful pleasures amidst the nature’s wonders make it a paradise for the tourists. From beautiful caves to clusters of rare coral reefs provide a great educational experience on top of everything else.

Various traditions and cultures exist in Trang’s mountainous area. Vegetables, fruits and Para rubber is well grown in this area due to the nice weather with moisture from the waterfalls and the forests. This harvest plays a major role in the economy of this township. The majority of the people in this city are Chinese. This community has transformed in to local Thai people after a number of generations, thus the city’s culture is a blend of traditional Thai and Chinese cultures.

Among the many attractions in this region, it is quite accurate to say that the Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Promotion Station is a unique place. It is Thailand’s first wildlife and nature study centre. One of the most attractive spots in southern Thailand, the station is surrounded by streams, lush greenery and waterfalls such as Ka Chong, Ton Yai and Ton Noi. A walking trail called “nature study trail” is included in the station. The trail provides a great opportunity to study nature up-close. Several exhibitions on nature and the conservation of natural resources are held at the Museum and Exhibition building.

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