As the largest collection of art and craft items from the Lanaa culture, the Mae Fah Luang Art and Cultural Park in Thailand continues to amaze its visitor with a profound insight into the fine traits of that era and culture. ‘Lanna’ actually means the Kingdom of northern Thai people, which was later incorporated into the kingdom of Siam. The park caters to entertain the public and their much animated curiosity about the ancient tribes and their work, while the park hill foundation is being an immense source of strength and empowerment to these ancient tribe communities by encouraging their art and craftwork to meet international standards and providing information on conquer potential markets.

The ravishing northern countryside sets the perfect backdrop to this park, with its extensive grounds and the bordering lake which reflects the towering structures nearby.  Located in Chiang rai in Thailand, the park which was originally founded by HRH Princess Mother and is surrounded by thick green lawns.  In the centre of  the greenery lies the main structure which is a ‘Haw Kham’ a towering building, that is definitely the centerpiece of the park and is constructed from teak and holds an array of ancient religious relics within its interiors.

The Haw Kham, also known as the ‘Golden pavillion’ contains many a replica from the Lanna’s rich and interesting culture and these include the Buddha statues, the Wiang Tha murals as well as the Khan dock containers which contains the floral offerings to Lord Buddha.  The amazing feature is the most of the structures are carved in wood and the murals are sometimes drawn directly over the teak wood. The premises also includes the botanical garden and is home to the children who are supported by a scholarship scheme funded by its founder. In convenient distance to the museum, it is not impossible to find some great Chiang Rai Hotels that will allow you the opportunity to explore the museum at your leisure. The  Anantara Golden Triangle Thailand is a classic example of Thai hospitality with the rich hue of timber and gorgeous Thai silks blending together to create a warm interior that overlooks the Mekong river and the vast expanse of lush green foliage spread out like a picture book from the hotel’s window. This fabulous Hotel in Chiang Rai is the perfect place to embrace exquisite creature comforts while bring surrounded by the fineries of Thai culture.