Counting over one and a half millennia of history, the archipelago of Indonesia located in the Southeast Asian waters has carved a name for itself in a number of spheres and has many stories, facts, and legends to announce to the modern world. The effort to gather and present these to the world commenced over two centuries ago and eventually resulted in the development of a stunning white edifice aptly named the ‘Museum Nasional’ by the locals. Some allude to this home of history, geography and mankind as the Elephant Building, a name it has won due to the statue of an elephant that stands in its forecourt.
The museum occupies a generous area of land in the Merdeka Square and is within easy access from many a hotel Jakarta. The plush surroundings offer you the alternative of staying at a preferred home away from home such as the Alila Jakarta which is highly recommended by frequent visitors.
Once you proceed through the impressive entrance flanked by pearl white columns you immediately immerse yourself in chapters of Indonesian heritage. The myriad of statues you will see within the premises amounts to only a handful of the total number of artifacts available in this Indonesian Museum which boasts of a collection towering sixty thousand. The prevalence of Buddhism in the country thousands of years ago is one thing that stands out as you continue through its chambers including Buddha statues from Borobudur.
There are separate floors, wings or buildings dedicated to the collection of ceramics, textiles, gold and other treasures. The most recent addition to the museum encapsulates various cultural constituents including language, societal systems, and arts. The museum is well worth the time and money spent, but don’t be caught off guard if a foreign traveler is charged above the entrance fee that is applicable for locals.

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